A Word from the President

Accessibility, action, ambition: words which make us stand out.

Having returned its entire shareholder base to Canada, brought together most of its divisions and subsidiaries under a single banner, and taken on the new corporate identity of ACCEO, our company is currently experiencing a true watershed moment. This is a significant period which we hope will lead to even greater success for the group in the future. We are building on the reputation and renown of our products under a unified brand in order to further consolidate our top-notch offering and to position ACCEO as the dominant player in the Canadian and Québécois IT industries.

GFI Solutions Inc. is now ACCEO Solutions Inc., and ACCEO is ready to rise to the occasion. Our varied clientele, made up of both private companies and public service institutions, will not be disappointed. We have a unique portfolio of products and services, and we want everyone to know! ACCEO has been making its mark for over 20 years by offering the very best in IT consulting services and payment solutions, and our product line includes solutions which have been on the market for more than two decades. We strive to create value through a strong and distinctive brand rooted in synergy and the combination of our multiple kinds of expertise, and our clients benefit from the vast potential which comes from partnering with a company of the scale of ACCEO.

Our team is made up of experts specializing in some of the most in-demand ERP solution on the market: Sage 300. Our team also includes experts on Acomba and Avantage, the accounting solutions most used by SMBs in Quebec. Not only is ACCEO one of the top software integrators in North America, but we also provide a wide selection of business solutions which meet the specific needs of municipalities, the travel and tourism industry, the construction sector, hardware and building supply centres, daycares, notaries, accountants, and more. I encourage you to browse through our corporate Web site to learn about our extensive offering.

I would like to conclude by sharing with you how very proud I am to have been at the helm of this remarkable company since 1988. The team of seasoned executives and passionate and experienced employees with whom I have surrounded myself throughout the years has made the growth of ACCEO possible, and I would like to thank all our team members most heartily for their dedication. We have poured our collective heart and soul into our success, and it is with great confidence and enthusiasm that we begin this momentous new phase in our growth.

Gilles Létourneau
President and Chief Executive Officer, ACCEO Solutions Inc.

Our Employees