Social and Environmental Responsibility

As a leader in the business solutions industry, ACCEO is committed to meeting its clients’ needs. Our duty does not end there, however; the leading role we play also compels us to do our part for the community and for the environment.

It is incumbent upon us, as a major corporate entity, to accept our responsibilities and adopt exemplary behaviour by working every day to reduce the ecological impact of our activities. By going the technology route, not only do we reduce our environmental footprint, but we also simplify our operations. Our strategic vision integrates social and environmental responsibility, which in turn increases the added value of ACCEO.

Every one of our offices has taken cues from our employees to adopt eco-friendly initiatives in the form of simple actions: control and reduction of energy consumption, recycling, raising awareness of responsible mobility (bike stands, carpooling, public transport), videoconferencing, and more.

While our longevity is intimately linked to our environmental responsibility, there is no doubt that it is also tied to our social responsibility. We are professionals, but we are first and foremost human beings. As responsible citizens, we are keenly aware that giving is receiving.

Our company-wide Health Initiative, for example, serves to inform our employees about healthy lifestyle habits.

We support children’s development and health and the fight against breast cancer through four different charitable organizations: Fondation du Dr Julien, Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation and Movember.

In 2012, ACCEO is taking its social commitment one step further with Voir grand pour l’enfance (Dreaming Big for Children), a project in support of Dr. Julien’s social pediatrics movement. Not only is this undertaking a human and philanthropic one, but it also has an adventure and sport component. For more social information, visit our Facebook page.