ACCEO Transphere

Driving e-business

ACCEO Transphere is a secure cloud computing platform for transactional data and payment exchanges between a company and its business contacts, through its management systems.

It provides connectivity between the various ACCEO Solutions management applications through the cloud. In so doing, ACCEO Transphere simplifies and optimizes the day-to-day operations of SMEs and municipalities.

Client function

When an invoice is generated through a management solution and emailed to a member of the public or a supplier, information from the invoice is automatically uploaded to ACCEO Transphere. Recipients can access their online account statement and make payments by credit card or bank transfer. When payment is made, the issuer of the invoice is notified and can reconcile it automatically in its system. Not only does this save time, paper and postage, but accounting operations are greatly simplified as well. (Available in the fall of 2017)

Supplier function

When generating payments, the clerk sends the information to Transphere. The manager then accesses payment approval (remotely or locally) through the web. Upon authorization, an email is automatically sent to the supplier confirming the funds transfer through Transphere, along with information such as the amount, the date on which the funds will be available and a list of paid invoices. This way, the organization no longer has to keep the supplier’s banking information in its accounting system.

This feature protects confidential information, simplifies the approval process and saves direct costs.

With ACCEO Transphere, transaction processing and payment are simplified, and reconciliation in the system is automated. These operations are therefore no longer time- and resource intensive, which means that the company can now focus more on what drives its business.