Acomba e-commerce

An Online Shop Fully Integrated with Acomba Software

Acomba e-commerce is the new online commerce solution which is entirely integrated with Acomba accounting software.

Directly connected to the inventory in a user’s Acomba software, Acomba e-commerce delivers a very affordable, secure, and multilingual turnkey shopping site. Maximum efficiency is ensured by its many indispensable functionalities: a multicurrency feature, integral Web hosting, and various marketing options.

Acomba e-commerce also integrates most online shipping fee services and certified online payment services. Everything about it has been designed to make for an optimal shopping experience and reduced business costs.

Type of Product Online shop management
Industry Sector Retail
  • Acomba inventory management
  • Secure payment
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Professional-quality transactional site

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