Sage CRM

For Easy, Quick, and Effective Customer Management, choose Sage CRM!

Sage CRM is a Web-based customer relationship management solution which allows you to synchronize your marketing and customer service activities at every level of your organization.

Sage CRM lets you share detailed information with all the parties concerned. Integrated with Microsoft Outlook, it offers you two-way synchronisation for your activities, tasks, calendar, and contacts.

Make Your Customers the Focus of your Business!

Different management tools allow you to target your marketing campaigns based on individual customer profiles and obtain accurate reports in order to measure campaign performance.

Sage CRM gives you a clear picture of current and future opportunities to help to ensure your growth and make each and every customer interaction as relevant, effective, and profitable as possible.

Sage CRM enables you to:

  • Customize your solution according to your needs with the help of configuration tools.
  • Optimize the efficiency of your call centre and improve customer service.
  • Access information from your mobile device.
  • Easily spot and seize untapped opportunities for potentially profitable sales.
  • Integrate your operations with Microsoft Outlook.
Sage CRM Release Preview 7.3

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