One single software to manage all your activities

Scoopsoft is a an integrated management solution designed specifically for manufacturers and distributors of wood, oil, chemical and mining products, and other industry sectors requiring customization of their management solution or a powerful standalone financial system.

Proven expertise and unequalled flexibility

This integrated management solution has a wide range of functions for a variety of activities, including purchasing and sales and management of inventory, transportation, and fixed assets. It is also a comprehensive financial management software system.

Entirely bilingual, Scoopsoft insures a complete integration of your management processes. Take advantage of a personalized service and exceptional technical support, and maximize the return on your IT investments.

You need to manage several companies, divisions, cost centers in various currencies? Scoopsoft has been designed for you! For over 25 years, Scoopsoft has been meeting their clients’ specific needs by providing them with a solid expertise. Our software is available as a server application or or as a web-based application (SaaS).

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