ACCEO Tender Retail

Trusted partner of financial institutions and merchants

With its acquisition of Tender Retail, ACCEO Solutions has become Canada’s payment solutions leader. Tender Retail‘s payment solutions are integrated into more than 90 000 cash registers across Canada and the United States!

We are at the very heart of the e-business operations taking place between Canadian financial institutions and merchants.

Major retailers trust Tender Retail for debit and credit card payment processing. The extensive combined expertise of Tender Retail and of the ACCEO Solutions-Payment Solutions team makes it possible for us to offer an assortment of products and services unparalleled in the Canadian market.

Tender Retail’s Merchant Connect Multi solution has an unrivalled variety of functions:

  • It accepts all brands of debit and credit cards.
  • It supports contactless and EMV chip cards.
  • It is certified for most major acquirers and processors.
  • It offers numerous value-added functions, such as gift cards, point-of-sale financing, and loyalty systems.
  • It offers advanced security characteristics, such as PCI DSS compliance and end-to-end encryption.

Merchant Connect Multi is easily integrated into a wide range of payment acceptance environments.

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