I haven’t graduated yet. Can I apply?

We aren’t simply looking for someone with a degree. We are looking for someone who is ambitious, capable, and passionate. If you are graduating but haven’t yet received your diploma, you can certainly apply. We can discuss the possibility of employment afterward.

I’m looking to work for a company with a conscience. What kinds of socially and ecologically responsible measures does ACCEO apply on a day-to-day basis?

At ACCEO, we firmly believe that giving is receiving. We have our own “green” committee, created and run by employees on a volunteer basis. We also contribute to many different social and environmental causes to make the future brighter for the planet and its inhabitants. Selective sorting of waste, recycling, environmentally friendly consumption, children’s issues, disease research: every day, we do our part to further a number of worthy initiatives.

What if I am referred by an ACCEO employee?

Have you found a job opening which appeals to you? Do you know someone who works at ACCEO? Be referred by a contact and be noticed!

I am unable to submit my application on line. What do I do?

Please contact us and explain the problem. We will find the solution.

How does the talent management program further professional development?

Our program was specially designed for this very purpose. To learn more, please go to our Talent Management page.

Why should I work at ACCEO?

Because you want to facilitate business and city management. Because you want to develop new technology. Because you want to work for a responsible company which looks after its employees. Because you want to participate in the growth of a Canadian company with a global outlook. Because you want to further your personal and professional potential. Because you want to be a source of inspiration. Because you want to be of service. Because you want a friendly work environment (according to our in-house surveys, the majority of our employees feel theirs is a great one!). Because there are so many more reasons to work at ACCEO, and you want to find out for yourself!

I found job openings on LinkedIn. Can I apply directly through LinkedIn?

Yes. Today, social media are an integral part of the business world, and using the tools available to us is crucial. But make sure that your CV is up to date!