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ACCEO brings together a great variety of people, products, and services and has an equally varied clientele. Our offices, which are located in a number of different cities, thrive on the dynamic created by this diversity. Learn more about where our teams work.


Located in the heart of the bustling Cité du Multimédia and just a stone’s throw away from the historic Old Port, ACCEO’s head office is easily accessible by car, bus, metro, bicycle, and even on foot. The more than 400 employees who work here enjoy delightful surroundings, indeed!

Business activities: Corporate services, Accovia, Consulting Services, ACCEO Expert Estimator, ACCEO Childcare Services, ACCEO Omni, Scoopsoft, Payment Solutions, ACCEO ERP, ACCEO Municipal, and more


With a staff of some 200 employees under its roof, our Quebec office is situated on the outskirts of the city, in a trendy yet serene area just a few minutes away from the charms of la Vieille Capitale.

Business activities: ACCEO Acomba, ACCEO Avantage. Accountant’s Drill, Construction Payroll Software, MyPaycheque.net, Pronotaire, Secured Online Backup, SURF


Sherbrooke is a lively urban centre in a scenic setting where you can take your pick of any number of sports and outdoor activities. Near a bicycle path and a host of shops and restaurants, our Sherbrooke office houses our Municipal division, where nearly 70 employees work on the ACCEO Municipal suite, a complete range of management solutions for cities and towns.

Business activities: ACCEO Municipal


Located in the northern part of Saint-Hyacinthe, close to autoroute 20, a shopping centre, and several businesses, our office has about a dozen employees who work in an environment which is both stimulating and pleasant. The first Canadian city to have been designated an agrifood technopole, Saint-Hyacinthe is growing thanks to its knowledge-based and high-tech economy, and it is here that our activeMedia division develops Web-based business management solutions.

Business activities: activeSaaS ERP, CRM, CMS, POS, activeMobile


Conveniently situated just minutes from the junction of the Don Valley Parkway and Highway 401, our Tender Retail division is close to several parks and golf clubs. The 30 employees who work here take pride in the diverse and family-oriented atmosphere of their modern office suites, located in an area with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the fresh air.

Business activities: ACCEO Tender Retail


Located in the University of Manitoba’s Smartpark, ACCEO’s ProfitMaster Canada division is an innovative and growing software company which markets technology solutions for the hardware and building products industry. Our workplace values and rewards integrity, respect, open communication, initiative, and continuous learning.

Business activities: ACCEO Profitmaster


What better place than Paris for an office which specializes in travel software solutions? Although most of its employees work at ACCEO headquarters in Montreal, our Paris office, located alongside the Seine in a green area with numerous restaurants, houses a smaller, but no less important, part of our Accovia division.

Business activities: Accovia