Training and Development

ACCEO is a company committed to investing in the development of its employees’ talents. Expanding our team’s skills brings added value to our products and our services. We increase our effectiveness and efficiency in multiple ways by encouraging continuous professional training.

At ACCEO, training stimulates employees far beyond specialized learning by fostering a motivating sense of responsibility. We provide structured onboarding for all new employees, whether they are in a specific position or in transition, and we oversee the alignment of training projects. Access to various training activities enhances our employees’ potential and furthers the development of their respective abilities and career paths.

Talent development at ACCEO means:

  • A training policy with specific training procedures based on the employee’s career path or talent development
  • Training recognized by Emploi Quebec for its exceptionally high quality and its demonstration of ACCEO’s commitment
  • Effective training management through the encouragement of individual responsibility for one’s own development