An organization’s e-business operations strategy must support its overall corporate strategy, regardless of the nature of the organization.

Although at times its implementation may, particularly for SMBs, be complex, a e-business operations strategy results in many advantages, including:

  • streamlined internal operations;
  • improved customer relationships;
  • simplified administrative tasks;
  • reduced costs;
  • greater productivity.

An organization thus has to determine for which of its activities cost reduction, enhanced efficiency and profitability, and greater operational flexibility would be most serviceable.

For any situation, ACCEO has software solutions adapted to the needs and realities of numerous markets.

  • To ensure more efficient internal management:

    ERP and CRM solutions and transactional platforms

  • To increase self-sufficiency and productivity of on-the-road personnel:

    Mobile solutions

  • To expand accessibility for SMBs:

    Cloud computing and SaaS solutions