ACCEO Acomba

Comprehensive and evolving accounting software for SMBs.

ACCEO Acomba Accountant Program

Helps the professional accountant provide support and consulting services to clients using Acomba and provides all the bookkeeping software an accountant needs to run a practice.

ACCEO Acomba Construction Suite

Makes it possible to perform all a contractor’s tasks using a single software environment: project and work-in-progress management, invoicing, accounting, and the payroll process.

ACCEO Acomba e-commerce

Acomba e-commerce is the new online commerce solution which is entirely integrated with Acomba accounting software.

ACCEO Acomba Notary Suite

Accounting and management system specially designed for bookkeeping and payroll operations in the notary’s office.

ACCEO Acomba Payroll

Reduces payroll-related expenses for SMBs, including businesses in the food service and construction industries.

ACCEO Avantage PRO

Flexible and high-performance solution which simplifies the professional accountant’s workload and ensures efficient file management.

ACCEO Avantage SMB Construction

Simple accounting software for the complex needs of the construction industry.

ACCEO Avantage SMB

Accounting and management software designed for SMBs in all industries and available in four versions.

ACCEO Childcare Services

Integrated management software for early childhood centres (CPE), private daycare facilities, school daycare services, and other childcare centres across Canada.


With the innovative technology of Acumatica, ACCEO is able to offer an easy-to-use, robust and flexible web-based cloud ERP solution to growing Canadian SMB companies.

ACCEO Estimation

Estimating software which makes it possible to prepare estimates quickly, ensure effective bid follow-up, and obtain standardized prices in real time.

ACCEO Gtechna

ACCEO Gtechna is a feature-rich and comprehensive e-citation solution for police and public works departments.

ACCEO Municipal

Innovative software solutions covering all aspects of city or town management.

ACCEO Logivision

POS software for the quick-retail industry.


Powerful integrated management software system specifically designed for hardware stores, building supply centres and gardening centres that will optimize retailers’ performance in purchasins, sales, inventory management, billing and payroll.


Powerful integrated management tool which allows hardware and building supply centres to improve their performance by integrating all their processes.

ACCEO ProfitMaster

Powerful integrated management tool which allows hardware and building supply centres outside Quebec to improve their performance by integrating all their processes.

ACCEO Retail-1

Management solution for specialty retail chains.

ACCEO Smart Vendor

Modular and cost effective POS system that offers Canadian retailers a user-friendly, reliable and feature-rich software and hardware solution.

ACCEO Transaxion POS

Integrated payment solution which allows an optimal customer service thanks to its great efficiency.

ACCEO TranSphere

A secured cloud-based platform which enables data and payment exchanges between you and your business associates directly through your electronic management systems.

ACCEO Tender Retail

Payment solutions at the core of the e-business operations which take place between Canadian and US merchants and financial institutions.

Accountant’s Drill

Accounting data communication, import, and analysis tool. It standardizes files, importing and processing data for the performance of all a professional accountant’s tasks.

activeSaaS Fence Edition

Multi-functional management software solution for fence companies.

activeSaaS Golf Edition

Software solution which allows golf clubs to manage their operations, membership, and tee-off time reservations.

Construction Payroll Software

Payroll and human resources management tool perfectly tailored to meet the requirements of the construction industry.

Hubiz Intelligence

Decision-making tool which allows travel producers to manage their operations more effectively.

Hubiz Revenue Management

Revenue optimization and decision-making tool.

Lexo Packaging Engines

Software suite enabling packaging of multiple travel components by tourism industry professionals.

Companion tool for ACCEO Acomba, ACCEP Avantage, ACCEO Omni or ACCEO Municipal software which compiles employee payroll data.

Programme de Travail Dynamique

Professional accountants can use this stand-alone software for all their tasks, regardless of the financial-statement software used.


From client file management to on-line publication of documents, software which simplifies notaries’ daily tasks and ensures full compliance with the highest standards of their profession.

Sage CRM

Web and mobile-based customizable customer relationship management solution that will optimize and synchronize marketing and customer service activities at every level of an organization.

Sage 300 ERP

Powerful accounting software with many features and a modular structure and designed to improve the vital financial operations of any SMB.

Secured Online Backup

Solution using a secure automated backup system to fully protect your company data.


Quick and easy tool for electronic preparation and submission of documents to the land register through Microsoft Word.