Hubiz Intelligence

Hubiz Intelligence is a decision-making tool adapted for the tourism world and designed to provide travel producers with efficient operations and sales piloting.

Key features of Hubiz Intelligence

  • Simple: End users require no training
  • Flexible: Unlimited number of dimensions and values, which can be modified in a few seconds
  • Powerful: Almost instant response time on large amounts of data
  • Point and click: Intuitive interface for quick use by end users
  • Integration with office automation: Users’ favourite selections are accessible. With a single click, data can be imported into Microsoft Excel® to share numbers with the company’s teams
  • Alerts: Users can be automatically notified of significant changes in their indicators

More details…

  • Consolidate information rapidly from any data source: Excel™, databases, data marts and warehouses, ERPs, Internet, etc.
  • Visualize data with state-of-the art graphics any way you want (discover trends, patterns and aberrations)
  • Dynamic analysis of any business data at your finger tips
  • Accessing and publishing on a multitude of channels (Internet, Intranet, etc.) and devices (Computers, Tablets, Mobiles (Blackberry, iPhone, Android), etc.)
  • Secure and controlled data access across your user base (internal, remote, by personnel, by department, by customer, by partner, etc.)
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