Provision of Services

Experts in information technology who are on hand to serve you

Whether you are looking for unrivalled expertise, support personnel, or a temporary employee for a project or for periodic management of your IT equipment, ACCEO will provide you with the top resources you need when you need them.

ACCEO has a staff of nearly 1000 permanent employees and a large external network grounded in close business relationships. For small or large contracts, we have the resources to meet your needs in a variety of areas:

  • IT management
  • Applications development
  • Software integration
  • Telecommunications
  • Operations
  • Consulting, strategic advising, and project management

Head and shoulders above the rest

  • We are dedicated to providing you with nothing but the best resources.
  • Our team of professionals is committed to ensuring the success of your projects.
  • We enjoy a special relationship with the business community.
  • Our management and training programs give you competent and experienced personnel.
  • We provide extensive support every day through portals and expertise centres.